Our Mantra “Switch to healthy lifestyle” drives us to find natural and chemical-free process to provide healthier substitutes to health conscious consumers.



Our company is located in Udumalpet, a small town in the foot hills of Western Ghats near Coimbatore. For generations we have been into Coconut farming following only natural practices and processes.

This has helped us immensely in understanding the benefits of natural practices and processes in farming. We also, have come to understand the importance of natural food products for the well being of people.  TreeGrab is a passionate project which aims to become the preferred providerof healthy and nutrient-rich substitute for consumers who are health and fitness conscious.

“The juice of coconut can be transformed into a sugar as soft as honey. Nature created this product such that it could not be produced in factories. Palm sugar can only be produced in palm tree habitats. It is a way to solve the poverty and promote healthy living.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Our vision is to be your preferred partner in healthy living. We constantly strive to bring the best natural substitutes to your plate, straight from the farms. Our commitment to quality begins long before our ingredients take root in the earth. From our careful seed selection to our natural farming practices, quality is an essential part of our seed to spoon journey.
“Switch to Healthy Living” – is the core value which drives us to produce the best quality of products for your consumption.

We truly believe that all-natural is the best way to live a healthy and productive lifestyle. In an age, where chemically treated and preservative-rich products are filling up shelves in the markets, we aim to promote a healthy lifestyle through or natural and nutrient rich products.



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